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NYC IH Teams Win $200K, Attention of Governor at October NYS Innovation Summit

Three NYC Innovation Hot Spot startups took center stage at the New York State Innovation Summit in Saratoga Springs, held in mid-October. Epic Airway Systems, a participant in a regional I-Corps in 2022, won $50K at the 2023 FuzeHub Commercialization Competition, DUB Biologics, a participant in a regional I-Corps in 2020, won $150K, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul visited the booth of neARabl, Inc., a participant in a National I-Corps cohort in 2021.

The NYS Innovation Summit is an annual event for organizations that want to showcase and discover new and emerging technologies that support innovation and drive business growth. Sponsored by Fuzehub, the event seeks to foster collaboration and networking that can strengthen New York’s statewide innovation ecosystem.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, it's inspiring to know that New York State is leading the way!” said Ariella Trotsenko, Director of the NYC Innovation Hotspot at CUNY. “I'm confident that our network, partnerships, and new entrepreneurial ideas will drive us towards a brighter future.”

FuzeHub provides New York State manufacturers and technology companies with guided access to an extensive network of industry experts, programs, and assets to help solve productivity, commercialization, research and development issues, and other challenges to growth. FuzeHub holds an annual commercialization competition as part of the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund, offering an opportunity for companies from throughout New York State to demonstrate the commercialization potential of their technology or product. More than 100 entities participated in the gathering with exhibitors including startups and resource providers.

After meeting Governor Hochul, who shared her optimism for neARabl’s prospects, neARabl CEO and CUNY Entrepreneur-in-Residence Arber Ruci said, “It was really a thrill to have the Governor come by our booth and learn about our work. Entrepreneurship can be a long road, and that kind of feedback is a real boost for our whole team.”


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